East Niles Community Service District

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Water Rates

Effective April 1, 2021

Service Charge :

The monthly readiness-to-serve charge is a "fixed" charge and does not provide for any minimum water consumption allowance. This service charge is based upon the size of your water meter as follows:

Meter Size

Readiness to Serve Charge

5/8x3/4 inch


1 inch w/Fire Sprinkler1


1 inch


1-1/2 inch


2 inch


3 inch


4 inch


6 inch


8 inch


10 inch



1) 1-inch with Fire Sprinkler rate is only available for single-family residences with fire sprinkler systems.

Quantity Rate :

Quantity Rates are applicable to all water consumption in addition to the monthly service charge above. The rate charged by the District to all residential and commercial customers for each Billing Unit (100 cubic feet or 748 gallons) of water is currently:

$1.60 per 100 cubic feet

Quantity Rate for Construction Water (with Hydrant Meter as 3-inch Meter) :

$3.90 per 100 cubic feet


Private Fire Protection Charge :

The monthly service charge for fire protection services by line size is as follows:

Fire Service Size

Monthly Charge

1 ½- inch


2 - inch


3 - inch


4 - inch


6 - inch


8 - inch


10 - inch


12 - inch



Water Service Installation Charge :

The water service installation charge includes the cost of labor, materials, and equipment to install the following components to individual applicants for water service:



Meter & Services < 2 - inch

By Estimate Only

*A 1-inch service lateral is required for all new 5/8 x 3/4 - inch and 1 - inch water meters

Miscellaneous Charges

Type of Charge


Delinquency Charge


48-hour Shut-Off Notice


Water Service Reconnection Charge
After Office Hours or Weekends
Meter Change

Actual Cost

Returned Check Charge


Please call District Office for other Miscellaneous Charges and Fees

Sewer Rates (Effective July 1, 2023)

Service Charge :

Sewer service charges are placed on the County tax rolls. For houses constructed in new housing tracts, each user of the District's sewer system shall pay a monthly sewer service charge as follows:

Customer Class

Monthly Fee

Annual Rate

Single Family Dwelling Unit



Multiple Family Residence per Dwelling Unit



Mobile Home Parks per Unit



School Customer Charge
Quantity Charge per ADA*




Contact District Office for User Fee Schedule

 See Sewer Rate Schedule for FY 2023-2024 Here

*Average Daily Attendance


Sewer Service Connections :

The sewer service connection charges below do not include construction costs for installation of a sewer lateral to the individual applicant's property. The applicant for said connection shall hire an appropriate licensed contractor at his own expense to do such work. New sewer connections are only allowed to properties within District boundaries. The permit fee shown below covers District administrative and inspection costs while the connection charge provides for a shared assessment of District sewage treatment & disposal capacity.

Type of Charge


Sewer Permit Fee

$20 nonrefundable

Sewer Service Connection Charge SFD

$5,995.00 per single-family dwelling

Sewer Service Connection Charge  MFD

$4,496.25 per multi-family dwelling unit

Sewer Service Connection Charge Commercial

Contact District Office



Other Billing Information

Monthly Billing Cycle :

The District reads all customer water meters with existing staff every month. The schedule for reading each meter varies slightly as the District is divided into multiple billing controls in which meters are read and accounts billed during the month. Water and sewer service charges (if applicable) are itemized and combined on the same bill. Please give our customer service staff a call with any questions regarding your account.


Past Due Notice Policy :

Termination of Service for Non Payment Policy SB-998