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East Niles Community Services District

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The East Niles Community Services District (the “District”) was formed in 1954 for the purpose of operating a water system. In 1960, the District’s powers were expanded to include providing sewer service. The District’s service area comprises certain unincorporated areas of Kern County and portions of the City of Bakersfield. The District currently incorporates an area of approximately 6,100 acres and contains primarily residential development. The District has a population of approximately 32,500, and as of June 2021 provided 8,100 water service connections.

The District is governed by a five member Board of Directors, elected for 4-year terms. The primary facilities comprising the water system includes 7 wells for potable water production, 13 potable water storage reservoirs with a total capacity of approximately 14.2 million gallons, 9 water booster stations to move water to different elevations, approximately 140 miles of water transmission and distribution mains, and related control and telemetering systems.

In addition to the District’s groundwater production capabilities, the District purchases treated surface water from the Kern County Water Agency Improvement District No. 4. Raw water is treated at the Henry Garnett Water Purification Plant and is conveyed via a transmission pipeline to the northern part of the District. In the past, the District used to treat raw water (Friant water) delivered by the Arvin-Edison Water Storage District; however deliveries stopped in October 2003.

The sewer collection system consists of about 70 miles of sewer main ranging from 8-inches in diameter to 42-inches in diameter (sewer trunk line on Brundage Lane). The District has an agreement with the City of Bakersfield to treat its sewage at the City’s Subregional Wastewater Treatment Plant No. 2.  Another agreement with the Kern Sanitation Authority also allows for the treatment of wastewater at its wastewater treatment plant.

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The District’s main office is currently located at 1417 Vale Street, Bakersfield, California, 93306, which is approximately 3 blocks north of Niles Street and 3 blocks east of Oswell St.

Regular Board meetings are held on the third Monday and fourth Monday of each month at 5:30 pm at the District Office. If the date falls on a holiday, then the meeting will be held on the following business day.

AB-2040 Employee Compensation per AB-2040 you can find compensation information at the State Controller's Office public compensation online database.

State Controllers By the Numbers Website per state requirements you can find financial information for the district on the State Controller's By the Numbers website.

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